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Hey guys! For all of you new and budding magicians out there, today I just wanted to quickly talk a little about practicing, conditioning, and creatively imagining the art of illusion.

For a magician the phrase, “practice makes perfect” is the holy of holies. Depending on what you want to do and perform for others, continually practicing one trick at a time, every day of the week (within reason) will eventually get you to a mastery level with whatever you are doing. However, just because you have practiced one trick to perfection, does not mean you don’t have to practice it ever again. All professional magicians are ALWAYS practicing everything, all their lives (both complex and simple tricks), thinking up new ways to do the same effect even better then they have been doing it, so they are razor sharp, ‘all the time’. For example, you don’t see professional athletes not working out or not going to practice. If you snooze for long periods of time, you get slow and flabby, with just about any activity.

Second I want to mention that when you are practicing a particular illusion, let’s say, a complex coin manipulation. Your fingers need to have ample dexterity to pull it off without a hitch. Therefore, stretching and doing exercises before and after practicing the process of the slight of hand, will help you greatly. The foundations of any process needs to be solid before trying to perform any complex movements. By doing this, you will not be discouraged if and when you just can’t get to where you want to be. Trust me, you will get there. Patience will be extremely important in your conditioning.

Finally, I would like to talk about your creative imagination. It is what is going to propel you to that next level of profound mystery. Especially if you ever want to perform on the Vegas strip (wink). Doing a magic trick, just like you saw someone famous like Ricky Jay perform it, or how it was described in a Tarbell book, will never be enough. You need to make it your own. Ask yourself, how many different ways can you achieve and present the same effect? Does it even have to be with the same materials? Having a notepad to jot down your ideas (however wild and inconceivable) is going to greatly help you find your one of a kind illusion. For it is not all about the deception. It is mostly about defining who you are as an artist and magician, amidst everyone else.

Just keep in mind, the greatest illusionists that have ever lived, have all strived to create something spectacular that has never been seen before, even though they had no clue how they would ever achieve it. But they did. Because of one simple fact. They never gave up, because they were hopelessly in love with magic.

Well, I’m off to go practice. Cue the 80’s song Eye of the Tiger.

You guys have an awesome week!


“Your authentic self, is your most formidable self.”







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