Seth Grabel#Magic Life

This is my RAP!!

For years now, I wanted to create a rap.  This is a magic rap! We combined Magic tricks with a fun rap. If you enjoy this and want us to make more comment below and let us know.

What kind of music do you like? I love rap but I don’t love the message many current rappers choose to tell. It seems super famous rappers only speak about negativity. I made a rap for to inspire and showcases positivity. This rap is dedicated to you! It my outlet for entertainment and creativity. It took years to bring this to life, but once it’s done it lives on the internet for all of you see.


Below are the lyrics to my rap magic video! The audio was produced by my friend Ron Annielo and the video was directed by Jeff Pham.

I’m a magician with style,

keeping it live and wild
you want to hear the punch line
you better wait a while.
None of that old school magic,
rabbit out of a hat trick
bringing new school to it flair and acrobatics!
I touch your life with a brand new delight,
bending your mind entertaining your time.

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