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Happy Monday guys! In this post I wanted to address a huge issue that every professional magician has to deal with on many levels in their career. It is the revealing of all performance illusions in the media and on the internet.

Granted anyone can buy a book or video of magic tricks and read how they are done. But ever since magic tricks were being televised and revealed for free to millions of people throughout the world beginning in 1997. It, drove a wedge into the careers of thousands of professional magicians. It was “seen” to everyone as a financial disaster to all illusionists. The secrets that they kept closely guarded from the public for generations, which was how they made a living, were now no longer secret. Even to this day the Internet is riddled with websites and videos revealing thousands of illusions and tricks that are still performed by all famous and non famous magicians alike today.

But this is actually only a minor trivial situation. It doesn’t actually make the life of a professional magician any harder. Most people whom look up how an illusion is done only want to learn how to do it to perform it for friends and family. The professional magician is leagues more involved with the illusion, the performance, the presentation, and the manner in which they conduct their entire show. Any and all these “reveal” videos don’t show the viewer any of these things. If someone wants to go to a magic show, they will go to a magic show because they want to be entertained by a skilled performer, not because they want to be fooled by a few tricks, weather they know how they’re done or not.

It is in how the magician walks through the illusion, with choreography, weaving personalized and unique patter that draws the audience in, the skilled placement of multiple illusions, throughout the show, the expressions on their face, the tenor in their voice. It is their overall presence that makes the illusion far more captivating and engaging than just the illusion on its own. Just about anyone can make a quarter appear and disappear. A magician on the other hand, can take you on an adventure, reveal to you a mystical history, take your breath away, and inspire emotions within you. There is not one illusion in existence that can do that on its own.

And this is only the stuff you see. The magician works even harder when they are not performing for the public. They have to market themselves, find venues, design stage and street performances, create and distribute media swag, keep detailed books on finances, maintain the wages of their performance crew, and most importantly, practice every single day, no exceptions.

Weather they are a seasoned master or just a beginner, being a magician is a full fledged lifestyle that never slows down. And we love every second of it.


“A trick can’t tell you about magic. Only a magician can do that.”

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