Roping Imagination

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Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, guys and gals, mages and mystics. Today I would like to briefly talk about a curious and most spectacular trick that to some, is the most breathtaking and dumbfounding illusion ever thought up by a magician. It has many names, however the one name most associated with it is, The Indian Rope Trick.

Though there are a few versions of this illusion, the most basic description entails a rope raising into the air on its own (outside), and either the magician or an assistant climbs the very same rope to the top. There is nothing holding the rope up, and before and after the illusion, the rope is coiled up in a basket or on the ground. Sometimes the rope is tossed into the air and the end stays in the air while the rest of the rope falls to the ground and stiffens. Sometimes the person that climbs the rope actually disappears from the top and reappears at it’s base.

There has always been a debate on the origins of this illusion. Some say that it originated some time during 900 BC in India. Others say it originated in China in the early 1300’s. Wherever it had originated, one thing is for sure. Word of mouth about this illusion, has made it what it is today. There have been a ton of accounts throughout history of this illusion. But very few have been verified exactly the way they have been described. Even fewer attempts in our modern time period have been recorded on film and without trick photography, to prove that the actual accounts in the past, actually happened.

It remains a mystery that few magicians have been able to pull off effectively.

If you ever do witness this gravity defying illusion in person, you just might ask yourself, “Am I seeing an illusion, or is this some sort of miracle?”


“Accomplishing the improbable is only possible if you believe in the impossible.”


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