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Welcome one and all to another blog entry in the chilly month of Autumn’s embrace! This holiday season a feel is going to be the best one yet in our Vegas town.   Being the coldest time of year (at least in Southern Nevada), your communities are in need more than ever. I have established a routine all year round to help out in my community and put in the time when I am not working to visit hospitals, community centers, food pantries, and shelters. I owe everything to my community, my friends, family, friends, and every single one of my fans. Offering my time to whatever task needs to be done. I truly believe that everyone in any community should find the time, if not, at least a couple hours a week, to give back to others less fortunate and privileged than most.   That being said, the holiday seasons tend to be even more important than other months of the year, because there are those that can’t spend it with family or friends, for whatever reason. Having someone care enough to help in any way possible, really makes a difference. It could be picking up and/or delivering groceries, cooking a meal, entertaining, setting up food stocks to be handed out in food shelters. Or could be just a good sit down conversation by a hospital bed.   I wish all of you a very amazing week! I know I will be bundling up with my family with some eggnog. Ten more days till Thanksgiving!!!   -Seth   “The gift of “true giving” is something that can not be bought. For there is no higher calling, than to be in service to your fellow human.”   —   On Fridays and Saturdays, if you wish to have a magical experience, come on down the The RockHouse. I will be performing between the hours of 7 and 9pm.   —   Facebook:   Twitter:   YouTube:   — Click below to find out about The Las Vegas Party Bus!!!   Las Vegas Party Bus

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