Snakes alive, we had venomous vino in Vietnam

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Don’t worry, the alcohol cancels out the poison – so they say!

Forget eating the worm after downing your tequila – with these bottles of unusual wine produced in Vietnam, a tasty tipple comes with a far more potent bite.

A village there is producing snake and scorpion wine and shipping it worldwide, with the rare beverages now even available to order online.

The venomous cobra snake is used to make the snake wine but the poison is cancelled out by the alcoholic content of the drink, meaning you’ll avoid a pounding hangover.

[box_title class=”” border=”middle” ]Fangs for the memories: The cobra’s potent poison is negated by the ethanol used in the rice wine[/box_title][img src=”” alt=”Fangs for the memories: The cobra’s potent poison is negated by the ethanol used in the rice wine” width=”634″ height=”379″ ] [border ] Similarly, months of fermenting means the dead scorpion encased in the yellow bottles doesn’t have the same sting in it’s tail as when it was alive.

These new pictures show how the cobras and black scorpions are preserved in the liquid to have their poison dissolve in the rice wine.

Because snake venom is protein-based and is inactivated by the denaturing effects of ethanol, the toxins are no longer dangerous.

Instead, the liquor is considered healthy and seemingly has many health benefits.

[box_title class=”” border=”middle” ]This wine’s certainly got teeth: Bottles of snake and scorpion wine can now be ordered online as an unusual gift or even a health tonic[/box_title] [img src=”” alt=”” width=”524″ height=”700″ ]

Snake and scorpion wines are also known as a natural medicine used to treat different health problems such as back pain, rheumatism, lumbago and other health conditions.

These rice-based liquors are also considered to be a strong natural aphrodisiac.

While you might balk at the idea of giving your other half a bottle for your Anniversary, Birthday, or Valentine’s Day, the drink has been touted as one of the most manly beverages ever made.

Snake wine has been considered an effective curative for thousands of years, but is also widely thought to increase male virility.

There are thought to be over 100 forms of “Ruou thuoc”or “medicine wine” available in Vietnam, many of which are infused with the remains of wildlife, with even endangered species included in the distilling process.

[box_title class=”” border=”middle” ]The Vietnamese liquors can be used for lumbago or to spice up your love life[/box_title] [youtube video_id=”wCrlqg7R3Ps” width=”640″ height=”360″ ][space ]

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