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Hey guys. Today I had a kaleidoscope time of super sweet-magic fun. I filmed a sugar charged commercial in one of Vegas’ hidden treasures, Rocket Fizz! It is by far your only place for seemingly limitless treats, tricks, and time traveling nostalgia.

Right when I walked up to the front door with my crew I heard a melody swirling in the air that I haven’t listened to in a LONG time. It was Magic Carpet Ride, sung by the incomparable John Kay (of the band Steppenwolf). While I took a pause thinking this had to be kismet, the sweet smell of butterscotch immediately transported me back to my childhood. I honestly don’t remember entering the store, but when I came to my senses, I was surrounded by a wild color menagerie of vintage candy, soda-pop, old time style tin signs, old school concert posters, and holy smokes they have gag tricks! That isn’t even half of it. My eyes were unflinching glass orbs of wonder and excitement. I darted about the store like I was six years old again. Reliving the warm elation that only a candy store can invoke. We were then greeted by the wonderful and charming Sheri Stewart. She was our sorceress of sweets, guiding our inquiries with delicate ease and mastery. I grabbed soda-pop bottles left and right to try, as Sheri swayed us down the isles; S’mores, Martian Poop, Banana Nut, Mud Pie, and I kid you not, Old Fashioned Peanut Butter. Then the candy; Apple Heads, Atomic Fire Balls, Black Jack Taffy, Broadway Rolls, and of course FIZZIES! Steve Almond (author of Candy Freak) would be proud. My Rocket Fizz basket seemed to conjure itself full from literally hundreds of options! Here’s a fun fact I learned. Did you know that cotton candy was co-invented by a dentist? Ha!

So, when my heart started to slow down and I caught my breath, I immediately thought of all the people that share this same type of elation that I just felt. That rush of excitement and wonder, walking through a new glamorous place or seeing something spectacular that you have never seen before. Or even more potent, reliving a time in your life that brought you such happiness, you never thought you could, even for a moment, feel again. This is what I want to give to everyone I perform for. What magic does for me, just like visiting this great soda pop and candy shop, is, it transports me to a place of limitless possibilities, mystical mysteries, and above all else, a pure happiness that is contagious. Grabbing a floating bubble out of the air and transmuting it into a crystal ball is a great illusion; but inspiring creativity, inducing joy, and summoning emotional enchantment in others; well that is the real magic. That is what makes being a magician so important.

I can’t wait to share with you guys what I have up my sleeve in the following months.

Thank you Rocket Fizz for a Vegas style journey into candy heaven! Stay tuned for the upcoming commercial!


“If you want to see the miracle, be the miracle.”




Rocket Fizz:

Magic Carpet Ride, by Steppenwolf:

Candyfreak, by Steve Almond:


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