Seth Grabel#Magic Life

This is my RAP!! For years now, I wanted to create a rap.  This is a magic rap! We combined Magic tricks with a fun rap. If you enjoy this and want us to make more comment below and let us know. What kind of music do you like? I love rap but I don’t love the message many current rappers choose to tell. It seems super famous rappers only speak about negativity. I made … Read More

Magician Marries On 56th Grammy’s

admin#Magic Life

My fiancé, Tammy Shaw, publisher of Las Vegas Woman Magazine and I were approached by representatives of The Grammy Awards a couple of months ago about participating in the 56th Grammy Award Show Weddings. We both thought the idea was magical. We were told to keep everything a secret, even from our family and friends. But, it appears that Rolling Stone Magazine leaked the secret about the Grammy Weddings a few hours before the Award … Read More