Everyone loves a good cause, what Charity do you love?

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What charity do you help? What Charity do you Identify with?   Now more than ever with the horrible COVID-19, we need to stick together and give back to our community.  Charity is all about giving to people who need help the most. Over the years my family and I have been involved in many different charities including but not limited to Best Buddies, Grant a Gift, Friendly House, Toys For Tots, Epicurean Charitable Foundation … Read More

The Unstoppable Force Of Will

Seth Illusions#Magic Life

Hey guys! In this blog post I am going to sit down and level the playing field with you. I want to talk about the notion of manifesting ones own destiny. Destiny or fate in of itself, is very finite. It’s a preordained path that has already been laid out for you without your input or state of will. And that, can seem pretty harsh. To not be in control of how your life turns … Read More

Supporting Charity with Las Vegas Family Court Judge Cynthia N. Giulianii

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[border ] Is it possible to shift your reality by changing what you think, feel and believe? Yes. Follow Psychic Life Coachâ„¢, Spiritual Energy Reader and Remote Influencing expert Michael Stephens on his journey as he dramatically increases the success of rock stars, celebrities, businesspeople and everyday people. Michael Stephens uncanny intuitive ability allows him to peer directly into the individual and reveal to them exactly what’s holding them back from maximum happiness and success. … Read More