How to get HIGH with a CUP featuring STARBUCKS

Seth Grabel#Featured, #Magic Life

Halloween has piqued our interest into spooky stuff such as learning new magic tricks that can be fun to try out with friends and family. There are many tricks and illusion that can easily fool even the wisest of us which can be learned from tv, friends, family etc. Here is another simple yet intriguing magical illusion called the flying cup that you can create to trick people around you. 1. Needed Items For this … Read More

Boosting To A New State

Seth Illusions#Magic Life

Hello, hi, how are you, how you doing, how’s it going, aloha, howdy! Have you ever started a conversation with someone that has just consumed an energy drink or is on a caffeine high? It can be quite intense if you’re not ready for it. In this day and age there is a lot of demand in the work place for long hours and not a lot of sleep. Especially if you have trouble sleeping. … Read More