Who is Your favorite person?

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My Grandfather taught me compassion, care and Listening! When is the last time you really listened to someone and cared about them?  Please leave it in the comments below so I can connect with you and listen to you. Who is your absolute favorite person? Growing up I connected with my grandpa Lou. He taught me some really great things that I use to this day. Unfortunately I really didn’t get much time with him … Read More

STUDYING MAGIC & FINDING TRUTH-SG dives into another world daily with Gurus, Yogis and Egyptian Goddesses

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It started with an idea. I have been performing Magic from more than 20 years. Traveled the world seen amazing things, lived life to the fullest. Magic has taking me around the world and back. During that time, I have met some of the most amazingly interesting people. I have learned from gurus, yogis and Egyptian goddesses.  I’m tired of parlor tricks and illusions.  I want to do real magic. The stuff you can only … Read More


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In life it’s important to have balance. Balance of work, family, goals, success,failure, dreams, and everything else in between. Balance gives us a quality feeling of zen and keeps us happy every single day. With the proper balance in life anything and everything is possible. At one point in my life all I did was work on my career, I would spend endless hours creating magic with no general direction. I did not have a … Read More

The Agronomy By Choice

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A hearty welcome to yet another week filled with potential! For this installment I would like to briefly glide over the all important and almost forgotten custom of sustainable agriculture. Or in other words, family farming. Thankfully, it is slowly on the rise. If you have noticed over the past two decades, the awareness of healthy foods and “organic living” has slowly increased and has been trying to saturate the populous as best as it … Read More

Setting The Example

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Welcome one and all to another blog entry in the chilly month of Autumn’s embrace! This holiday season a feel is going to be the best one yet in our Vegas town.   Being the coldest time of year (at least in Southern Nevada), your communities are in need more than ever. I have established a routine all year round to help out in my community and put in the time when I am not … Read More