Use a CRM to Help You Stay on Top of Your Business

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I have been looking for a CRM forever! What is your favorite CRM and why? I stumbled upon nimble and its really helping me! Staying in touch with people is easier than ever! Write a comment below so we can stay in touch and connect! I love hearing from you. Earlier this year, I wrote about finally finding a CRM that works for me that I enjoy using.  I think that every business person should … Read More

What Wonder Defines

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Hey guys! How has Las Vegas been? I only ask because I am currently in Maui performing at the Maui Theater in Lahaina. If you happen to be in the neighborhood stop on by for some off the wall fun! For this post I just wanted to talk shortly about a topic that came up recently at a show. An audience member named Mike, came up to me this last week and asked me a … Read More

A Legend To Know

Seth Illusions#Magic Life

Hey guys! Well I’m in Maui! On the 18th I will be performing at the Maui Theater. It is just a block south of the Lahaina Center. For this post I wanted to talk briefly about one of the very important Kupua’s in Hawaiian (Polynesian) mythology. His name is Maui. I can only assume the island of Maui is named after him. For those of you who didn’t know, Maui was a demigod trickster in … Read More

It’s In The Blood

Seth Illusions#Magic Life

Hey guys! Are you having a most excellent month of June? For those of you in Hawaii, are you prepared to party?!! I will be in Maui on the 18th, performing at the Maui Theater in Lahaina. So stop on by and get your mind blown with magic! For this week’s post I would like to share a point of view with you. The true nature of a professional magician. So, what is it? Do … Read More

Kahuna Mō’aukala

Seth Illusions#Magic Life

Hello my lovelies! I hope that your month of May has been magnificent. Are you ready for June? Well if you are in Maui on the 18th, come on over to Lahaina. I will be at the Maui Theater performing feats of mind bending magic. So being that I will be in one of the greatest states of this nation, I wanted to talk a little about Hawiian magic. Not illusion magic mind you. I … Read More

Obscurity Revisited

Seth Illusions#Magic Life

Hey guys! This week I wanted to talk about a once famous magician that actually invented one of the most popular magic illusions used by almost every magician to this day. His name is Joe Karson. Back in 1940, Mr. Karson stumbled across a magic trick idea that bewildered everyone. It is called the Zombie illusion (most people know it as ‘The Zombie Ball’). It is a mirrored sphere that has a mind of it’s … Read More

A Ballad To Find

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Hello my friends! Welcome to a new week of wonder and whimsy! Yesterday I was listening to The Beatles while I was out and about completing my errands. And I realized there is a bit of fascinating history that not many people are aware of that the band is greatly responsible for. On September 26, 1969 the Album Abby Road was released. Upon this album resided the song named Her Majesty. However, this song was … Read More

Immerse Into Everything

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Happy Monday everybody!!! For this blog entry I wanted to briefly talk about one of my new favorite types of media production, immersive video. Most people recognize this as 360 imaging/video. Now this is not to be confused with panorama. Immersive media is strictly capturing a 360 view of the camera’s surroundings at the same time. And it is primarily viewable as a free roaming experience that is fully controlled by the viewer. Back in … Read More

Donning The Magi’s Jacket

Seth Illusions#Magic Life

Hey guys! For this blog entry I wanted to talk a little about the clothing of a professional magician. Throughout history magicians have pulled many objects out of thin air, far to big to be hidden with any sleight of hand skill. Dramatically pulling up their sleeves and conjuring animals into their hands as if it were second nature. Of course this impossible act is all an illusion. Just by looking at a magician stand … Read More

The Truths You See Are False

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Hey guys! Has this current season been keeping you on your toes? Here in Nevada it’s been gray, windy, chilly cold, beautifully warm, blue skies, dark, rainy, and thunderous; all in the same week! A am just carrying my umbrella everywhere, just in case. So for this post I want to briefly brush up against yet, another one of the many techniques all magicians use to fool, deceive, and wow your senses. This technique is … Read More