iHEARTMUSIC Festival – Music & Magic in Las Vegas T Mobil Arena

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View from VIP Hyde Lounge in TMobil Arena

I just enjoyed the most amazing concert and VIP experience! IHEARTMUSIC FESTIVAL was incredible! The music was tantalizing, the production was top notch and the VIP unparalleled. Hanging at Hyde lounge was Epic! I have never attended a music festival before and this was something special. After arriving at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, the box office had a special VIP package with my name on it! It contained VIP access to IHEART and … Read More


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Have you ever bought a booth at a Trade Show but didn’t feel you got the proper return on investment? Trade shows are amazing, they are mini cities built in a few days then the whole city deconstructed in the same amount of time.  Companies spend hours of man power and thousands of dollars to build a booth, store the booth and market to their clients.  I have attended and performed at thousands of trade … Read More

Setting The Example

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Welcome one and all to another blog entry in the chilly month of Autumn’s embrace! This holiday season a feel is going to be the best one yet in our Vegas town.   Being the coldest time of year (at least in Southern Nevada), your communities are in need more than ever. I have established a routine all year round to help out in my community and put in the time when I am not … Read More

Ultimately Unique & Unusually Freaked

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Hey guys! The holidays are in full swing and the festivities are non stop in the city of Las Vegas. For this blog post I wanted to briefly talk about the general history of a very special kind of past time that I have been involved with on a professional level for years. It is the all enthralling world of the Freak Show. Back in the 1500’s, the United Kingdom birthed a fad of exhibiting … Read More

By Hand & Baud Rate

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Hello, bonjour, hola, and ahoj! This is the week for scares and treats! Are you guys excited for Halloween? If you are in Las Vegas this holiday, be prepared for some spectacular shows on the strip! For this blog post I wanted to answer a repetitive inquiry I had received a while ago about digital magic and ‘exclusively digital’ magicians. This kind of magic can not be performed in person but must be viewed on … Read More

Revealing Sercrets

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Happy Monday guys! In this post I wanted to address a huge issue that every professional magician has to deal with on many levels in their career. It is the revealing of all performance illusions in the media and on the internet. Granted anyone can buy a book or video of magic tricks and read how they are done. But ever since magic tricks were being televised and revealed for free to millions of people … Read More

The Las Vegas Endeavors

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Hello all! A new week is upon us and more possibilities abound are yet to be discovered. For this blog post I will briefly be talking about my wonderful city, Las Vegas! The community is vast and the amount of creative togetherness seems to be limitless. But this was not always the case. You most likely have heard of, or know this city as, Sin City. But do you know why and when? Well, I’ll … Read More

Household Illusions, Entry #2

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Hey guys! This week is gonna be incredible! Is your week gong to be the same? In this blog post I wanted to talk about another common household item, that now a days, seems to be absolutely everywhere. It is the ever present plastic bottle. In the video link at the bottom of this post, I show a lot of spectators how I can seemingly put the very object in their possession into a sealed … Read More

The Phoenix Rises

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Hey guys! I hope your weekend was relaxing and entertaining. Mine surly was entertaining to say the least. I just got back from my show in Agoura Hills California. I met so many wonderful people at the Canyon Club. I wish that I could have stayed longer. I love you guys! So, what am I going to talk about this week? Well, I’m glad you asked. I want to briefly talk about a very old … Read More

UNLV Benefit for the Performing Arts Center

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Hey guys! This week I wanted to talk about my alma mater, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The reason for this is because I will be performing a benefit on behalf of the performing arts center in October of this year. I deeply believe in giving back to my community and help to support it in any way I am able. Doing this benefit is just one step in that endeavor. My goal is … Read More