Performing in Paradise! @Terranea Resort

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When I became a magician I didn’t know what to expect.  I am grateful to be able to entertain in some of the most amazing high end venues around the world.  A client brought me out to the beautiful Terranea Resort and I performed magic in the most magical place in California! The outside of my room seemed like my very own Mediterranean villa. As I walked up the stairs I felt at home. The … Read More

Of Risking & Tricking

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Happy August everybody! I hope that this month brings all of you a fresh flood of wonder and excitement, as much as you can take in. So, for the last few months while I have been traveling around the country. I have been getting a surprising amount of requests to do the bullet catch trick. I had however just recently, performed a compound bow and arrow catch, for an archery convention. Does that count? If … Read More

The Astounding Mr. Potter

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Hey guys! Did all of you have a spectacular Independence Day in the states?!? Being that this last weekend was a celebration of our nation’s independence as a new nation by the signing of our cherished Declaration of Independence in 1776. I wanted to briefly talk about our nation’s first born magician! Born in Massachusetts in 1783, Richard Potter, the son of an English tax collector (his father) and an African serving maid (his mother), … Read More

The Stationary Transportaion

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Hey guys! Namaste. This week I wanted to briefly talk about one of my favorite daily routines that helps me get through the rigorous physical and mental stresses of Life. Yoga! The majority of western culture looks upon yoga as just a bunch of wacky stretching poses and nothing much more than that. To the serious practitioners of this long and ancient discipline, yoga is a method of gaining cognitive control over the body and … Read More

Fidgeting With Misdirection

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Hey guys! What is a week of magic without at least one thought of accomplishing the impossible? This week I want to talk about a couple things. First, how can a magician invent a magic trick that is unique and amazing? Second, how does a magician figure out the presentation of the trick? Ok, let’s get the obvious out of the way. This post is not a how-do process or a big secret reveal on … Read More

A Glimpse of The Castle

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Hey guys! Has your week been wall to wall spectacular? Mine has been a roller coaster ride of busy moving and organizing. This week I would like to give you just a figurative peek into the renowned private fraternity known as, The Magic Castle. In 1963 at 5:00pm on January 2nd, The Magic Castle opened its doors for the first time as the central hub exclusively for all magicians, illusionists, conjurors, wizards, and escape artists … Read More