Use a CRM to Help You Stay on Top of Your Business

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I have been looking for a CRM forever! What is your favorite CRM and why? I stumbled upon nimble and its really helping me! Staying in touch with people is easier than ever! Write a comment below so we can stay in touch and connect! I love hearing from you. Earlier this year, I wrote about finally finding a CRM that works for me that I enjoy using.  I think that every business person should … Read More


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Have you ever bought a booth at a Trade Show but didn’t feel you got the proper return on investment? Trade shows are amazing, they are mini cities built in a few days then the whole city deconstructed in the same amount of time.  Companies spend hours of man power and thousands of dollars to build a booth, store the booth and market to their clients.  I have attended and performed at thousands of trade … Read More


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Each obstacle in life gives you a newfound lesson. New lessons bring you to a higher place in life. If all roads were easy you would learn nothing and have a charmed life, but a charmed life has no challenges. If you’re given the option to follow your dreams, treat every situation as a lesson to further grow your life and take you to higher places.