What is your LOVE???

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What do you love in life more than anything else? I absolutely love to perform! When I’m on stage I feel more alive and aware then any other situation. It’s truly an amazing feeling to be on stage and bring the audience your energy.  I never hold back!  Every show no matter how I feel, It’s 100% energy. My audience deserves the very BEST because they have given me a gift. An audience gives their … Read More


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Each obstacle in life gives you a newfound lesson. New lessons bring you to a higher place in life. If all roads were easy you would learn nothing and have a charmed life, but a charmed life has no challenges. If you’re given the option to follow your dreams, treat every situation as a lesson to further grow your life and take you to higher places.

Ultimately Unique & Unusually Freaked

Seth Illusions#Magic Life

Hey guys! The holidays are in full swing and the festivities are non stop in the city of Las Vegas. For this blog post I wanted to briefly talk about the general history of a very special kind of past time that I have been involved with on a professional level for years. It is the all enthralling world of the Freak Show. Back in the 1500’s, the United Kingdom birthed a fad of exhibiting … Read More