Traveling Magic Vlogger creates Epic Magic Adventures and meets amazing people

Seth Grabel#Magic Life

Do you like to travel? What is your favorite part of it? I love meeting the people seeing the new exciting sights and best of all trying the food!  Since I am a magician I am taking my magic on the road to the world! Every week I travel to a new location and bring my bag of tricks. I can’t wait to share my Epic Magic Adventure with you! This episode is all about … Read More


Seth Grabel#Magic Life, #Motivation

In life it’s important to have balance. Balance of work, family, goals, success,failure, dreams, and everything else in between. Balance gives us a quality feeling of zen and keeps us happy every single day. With the proper balance in life anything and everything is possible. At one point in my life all I did was work on my career, I would spend endless hours creating magic with no general direction. I did not have a … Read More

The Astounding Mr. Potter

Seth Illusions#Magic Life

Hey guys! Did all of you have a spectacular Independence Day in the states?!? Being that this last weekend was a celebration of our nation’s independence as a new nation by the signing of our cherished Declaration of Independence in 1776. I wanted to briefly talk about our nation’s first born magician! Born in Massachusetts in 1783, Richard Potter, the son of an English tax collector (his father) and an African serving maid (his mother), … Read More

Into The Precognition

Seth Illusions#Magic Life

Hey guys! In this blog post I am going to be briefly talking about the all mysterious and mystifying skill of mentalism. Oracles, seers, psychics, mediums, soothsayers, mystics and spiritualists have been around for more than a millennia. As far back in history as the Old Testament in the Bible, there have been men and women predicting and revealing unknowable secrets to the masses. However, the earliest known “entertainment performance” of a mentalist act was … Read More

The Stationary Transportaion

Seth Illusions#Magic Life

Hey guys! Namaste. This week I wanted to briefly talk about one of my favorite daily routines that helps me get through the rigorous physical and mental stresses of Life. Yoga! The majority of western culture looks upon yoga as just a bunch of wacky stretching poses and nothing much more than that. To the serious practitioners of this long and ancient discipline, yoga is a method of gaining cognitive control over the body and … Read More

Mystically Marked

Seth Illusions#Magic Life

Hey guys, have any of you ever seen, met, or known of a mystic or shaman? Do you know what they are? A lot might think they are like a tribal medicine man or a witch doctor. Or for that matter, do you know what mysticism truly is and where it comes from? In its most general meaning, mysticism is the exploration and purposeful action upon human evolution and betterment. The changing of the mind, … Read More

Your Neighborhood Effect

admin#Magic Life

Hey guys! This week I wanted to talk about a serious topic. The importance of community and sharing one’s own time with others in need. Not about donating money, or supporting a cause from the security of your own home. I am talking about actually visiting places in your community that are operated by the people in your community.   Throughout my life I have always been drawn to the entertainment of others. To give … Read More

The Zoetrope Spread

admin#Magic Life

Hey guys! I hope your wintery new year has been a magical one so far. This week I have been watching a lot of movies and was wondering if any of you out there might be serious movie fans as well as a fans of magic? This last week I watched the movie The Illusionist and got to wondering how many movies about magicians I have actually seen. When I started counting I was really … Read More

The Psychokinesis of Mother Nature

admin#Magic Life

Hey guys. Have you ever visited a location and everything just felt, off? Like reality was somehow changing right before your eyes, but you couldn’t pinpoint what it was? Or have you ever been on a hike and suddenly felt like you just walked through a door of intense healing energy? If you have, you might of experienced a vortex. Technically speaking, you most likely have already seen a vortex with your own eyes. A … Read More