Traveling magician brings happy smiles to Vietnam – “Vietnam Magic”

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Traveling magician brings happy smiles to Vietnam – “Vietnam Magic” I have traveled the world and learned so much from people in other places. One thing they everyone can appreachiate is magic. Magic is a universal language of excitement and mystery. As humans we like to understand things and know how something works. When I perform magic for people they get a shot of dopamine similar to the release of sex or drugs. Traveling all … Read More


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In life it’s important to have balance. Balance of work, family, goals, success,failure, dreams, and everything else in between. Balance gives us a quality feeling of zen and keeps us happy every single day. With the proper balance in life anything and everything is possible. At one point in my life all I did was work on my career, I would spend endless hours creating magic with no general direction. I did not have a … Read More

Revealing Sercrets

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Happy Monday guys! In this post I wanted to address a huge issue that every professional magician has to deal with on many levels in their career. It is the revealing of all performance illusions in the media and on the internet. Granted anyone can buy a book or video of magic tricks and read how they are done. But ever since magic tricks were being televised and revealed for free to millions of people … Read More

The Las Vegas Endeavors

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Hello all! A new week is upon us and more possibilities abound are yet to be discovered. For this blog post I will briefly be talking about my wonderful city, Las Vegas! The community is vast and the amount of creative togetherness seems to be limitless. But this was not always the case. You most likely have heard of, or know this city as, Sin City. But do you know why and when? Well, I’ll … Read More

Roping Imagination

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Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, guys and gals, mages and mystics. Today I would like to briefly talk about a curious and most spectacular trick that to some, is the most breathtaking and dumbfounding illusion ever thought up by a magician. It has many names, however the one name most associated with it is, The Indian Rope Trick. Though there are a few versions of this illusion, the most basic description entails a rope raising … Read More

Agoura Magica

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Hey guys! For those of you currently here in Las Vegas, is it me or is it getting hotter as the summer progresses? It was 104° yesterday and the forecast just keeps climbing into this next week. Speaking of hot, this coming September I will be bringing all the entertaining hotness of Las Vegas, to the Agoura Hills Canyon Club for an epic magic performance. Agoura Hills is just northwest of downtown Los Angeles. This … Read More

Falling For The Magic

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Hey guys! How was your weekend? Are you set to rev this new week into high gear? Well, this week I wanted to briefly talk about an illusion that gives most people chills. It is the fabled illusion called, The Table of Death. This illusion starts out with a large table attached to an even larger contraption which is holding and suspending numerous long sharp metal spikes or swords above the table. There is usually … Read More

The Rabbit’s Chapeau

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Hey everybody! Welcome to a new week of wonderful possibilities. In this blog post I wanted to address a particular illusion that has seemingly spanned the stage magician’s history from the beginning of entertainment. It is quite possibly the visual pinnacle of what most people identify a stage magician or illusionist, to be. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you, the hat trick. No I am not going to talk about hockey or even cricket. Ever … Read More

The Magic I Saw Through

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Hey guys! I hope this coming week is a spectacular one! I have been in the studio rehearsing non stop and almost forgot to write this blog post. I wanted to briefly talk about one of the most classic illusions magicians have been known for. The old, saw the woman in half trick! Back in the 1850’s this wondrous idea was in it’s infancy, an impractical mystery woven in a memoir to entertain the masses, … Read More