Performing in Paradise! @Terranea Resort

Seth Grabel#Featured, #Magic Life

When I became a magician I didn’t know what to expect.  I am grateful to be able to entertain in some of the most amazing high end venues around the world.  A client brought me out to the beautiful Terranea Resort and I performed magic in the most magical place in California!

The outside of my room seemed like my very own Mediterranean villa.

As I walked up the stairs I felt at home. The tile reminded me of my childhood family house.  We enjoyed Malibu tile up and down our stair case.

When I arrived in my room, it looked like this………

After I broke out the MAGIC it looked more like this……

I took a refreshing dip in the pool.  Actually I swim 50 laps every morning. This was a really nice pool to swim in.

I got to hang out at a calming fire and decided to write new exciting magic illusions in my book of SETH.

The Sun set and I was so happy to be part of this wonderful magic adventure.

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