The Faro Of The Universe

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Hey guys. This week I am feeling rather scientifically inspired. Since I am a magician, I thought I would talk briefly about the one thing that is apart of absolutely everything, yet is invisible to the naked eye, just like magic. We call it, the atom.

Most of us completely take it for granted. We see something, whatever it may be, a chair, an inflated ballon, a blinking star in the sky, or a single tear. We see each of these things differently, from what they “truly and absolutely” are. To most of us, they require an emotional response, a decision of preference, or a gesture of care. Someone that needs to be comforted, a wish waiting to be made, a gift to give, or a place to rest. We do not see them all as a combination of molecules that are void of sentiment. Yet they still behold a poetic union of harmony most of us will never be able to achieve with one another.

So what “truly and absolutely” are atoms? Well, simply stated, an atom is a form of atomic matter. A single microscopic atom consists of many other things like electrons, protons, neutrons, and a nucleus. These atoms as I’ve stated already, are in everything consisting of rest mass and volume. These are the forms we know as solid (a chair), liquid (a tear), gas (inside a balloon), and plasma (the sun). There are obviously far more technical and scientific explanations to atoms, but this is the most understandable and simplest description I can muster.

I agree that looking at our reality like a bunch of mindless molecules acting in accordance to scientific rules is a bit cold and “non” magical. But, I would like to think, that even though science can not completely prove how everything works the way that it does, maybe it is not as cold as it may seem. Maybe we just can’t see the magic that is actually keeping everything together.

Just maybe looking up at the stars and shedding a tear because it is so beautiful, is the atom’s way of telling us, that magic is real.


“You don’t have to see magic to know that it exists. You only need to believe.”




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