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Hey guys! It is Martin Luther Kung Jr. Day! Today is the federal holiday that we all celebrate his birthday and pay tribute to his achievements. The unsurmountable obstacles he overcame and seemingly countless people whom tried to stop him but failed, even after in death.
Martin Luther King Jr. spoke on behalf of the rising Civil Rights Movement in the 1960’s by way of promoting nonviolent activism. He was a minister first and foremost. While drawing upon his experiences in the church and in life, he used his motivating and passionate skill with public speaking, to quickly fill the hearts of the American minorities with strength, drive, and in a lot of cases; a fearless sense of purpose. But it was not for the minorities in general. It was for all of the American people. It was ultimately all about “human rights”. He brought to light the issues of nation wide segregation and hate in our society. King did not hesitate to publicly risk his life to make his sense of equality for all races, genders, and beliefs in religion known to as many people as possible.
Sadly it took from 1968 to 1983 for this national holiday to be signed into office. And even then it wasn’t until three years later that it was actually celebrated by the nation.
But the United States is not the only place that celebrates King’s birthday. In Toronto Canada they celebrate his birthday. Also, in Hiroshima Japan, a banquet is held in remembrance of the unification of the city, in peace, whilst portraying King’s message of human equality.
I wish you all a wonderful week!
“All human life is precious. Cherish one another as brother and sister.”


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