The Legerdemain That You See

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Hey guys. Valentine’s Day is almost upon us! Do you have something planned for that special someone as of yet? I surely do!!!
So, for this post I wanted to talk about the the famous prestidigitation all of us professional deceivers use in our acts, and performances. Quite simply it is “sleight of hand”. We practice very hard, countless hours for our entire career. We do this continually so that the dexterity in our hands is always at their best.
One of the most popular and entertaining demonstrations of this skill is through cardistry. This is where the performer flourishes individual cards in exotic and complex movements between all of their fingers, making it seem like what they are doing could not be possible with human hands. Of course there are the thousands of card tricks that are just as amazing accompanied by fanciful tales and stories woven by the magician.
The most common and intensely used demonstration of this skill however is with coins and valuable objects of similar size. From the perception of the audience, these simple and normal hand movements made by the magician with any small object, seems as if anyone can do it. What most don’t realize is, it is seamlessly blended with psychology, misdirection, and choreography. Making a simple hand motion evaporate, transmute, and transport objects back and forth inside the performer’s hands. Even into your own pocket.
Check out this video to see it in action.

“Magicians will always tell you that we will deceive you. It makes our magic more honest, enjoyable, and engaging.”


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