The Mystic Gypsy

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Hey guys! This post I wanted to briefly talk about the magical invention of The Gypsy Thread. This is one of my favorite close up illusions that I perform on the street.

You might be asking, what on Earth is Gypsy Thread Seth? Well it is an illusion that also goes by the name of The Hindu Thread. This illusion dates back to the 1500’s. It was fist written down in J. Prevost’s La Premiere Partie des subtiles et plaisantes inventions. Which translates from French into, The Premiere Party of Subtle and Pleasing Inventions.

Anyway, when performed, the magician takes a string of thread about three and a half feet long off of a spool of thread and cuts it loose. Then the magician cuts it into multiple short pieces all at different lengths. The magician then takes one short piece and places it away from the rest as they are balled up tightly together. The ball of pieces is then placed into the center of the single strand and it for some reason sticks. Now here is where it gets magical.

As the magician slowly pulls on either end of the strand of string, the ball of pieces that was put in the center starts to spastically spin and twirl as the thread is pulled father apart. This happens until the ball completely unravels and all that is left is the thread.

Wahlaaa! The looks on people’s faces when I show them this illusion is priceless to me.


“A true miracle is an event that can be explained and is still a miracle.”



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