The Psychokinesis of Mother Nature

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vortexHey guys. Have you ever visited a location and everything just felt, off? Like reality was somehow changing right before your eyes, but you couldn’t pinpoint what it was? Or have you ever been on a hike and suddenly felt like you just walked through a door of intense healing energy? If you have, you might of experienced a vortex.

Technically speaking, you most likely have already seen a vortex with your own eyes. A vortex is plainly a swirling of air or water. Like a tornado, or the water going down the drain in a tub. However these are not the type of vortexes I was referring to. I was talking about the vortexes that are areas of psychic and sporadically magnetic energy. They are widely popular and span all over the globe.

Here in Nevada we have one at pyramid lake and in Arizona the most popular ones are in Sedona. To some these are places of spiritual healing, increasing the body’s psychic capabilities and opening up this reality to paranormal events of wonder. Like what you may ask? For example, normal growing trees will twist and curl in abnormal says when in the perimeter of a vortex, cars are able to coast up hill while the engines are turned off. The perception of distance between objects and buildings become skewed. Things that are far away are actually very close and vice versa. You might see people walking around an abandoned ghost town one minute and then another, everyone is gone.

So what is the scientific explanation of these vortexes you might ask? Well, scientists say that these vortexes are masses of magnetic energy that naturally rise from the earths crust. That these areas become charged positively or negatively due to the minerals in the deep earth and naturally occurring seismic activity. They can have varying effects on the environment and can even be dangerous.

That being said, the vortex is one of many mysteries we are currently drawn to for inspiration and study. Might you have a vortex near where you live?


“Our planet still has some magic tricks up her sleeves.”




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