The Sagittarian Pull

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Hey guys! This week I would like to explore the topic of one of my favorite hobbies. That being, the art of archery.

Archery has been around since 10,000 BCE. There have been countless cultures throughout history all over the globe that have in one form or an another displayed the flight of an arrow launched from a bow. From it’s original invention as an essential tool for hunting game, to the strategic mounting inside vast armies during times of war. This elegant instrument of craft and lethal power has proven itself to be one of the most respected weapons in human history.

When the invention of firearms (in the 1300’s), brought a whole new kind of lethalness to ranged weaponry, archery took a back seat on the playing field in popularity and usefulness. It was soon shelved as a simple recreational pastime. Until of course when it rose back into the spotlight as a serious form of spectator sport. Slowly gaining its stride in the 1840’s, it escalated from The Grand National Archery Society in the UK, up to The World Archery Federation of National Associations based in Switzerland that was founded in 1931 and going strong now.

Paralleling cultural mythologies around the world, the modern day archer is revered in countless social circles, competing in world Olympic competitions, and to this day across the planet, the bow and arrow have once again reclaimed their original purpose of use. That of being the tool of the highly skilled hunter.


“I release my arrows of curiosity and wonder into this world of vast mystery.”





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