The Scrying Stones Arise

Seth Illusions#Magic Life

Hey guys! In this post I wanted to briefly talk about an illusion I crafted and incorporated into my stage act that is near and dear to my heart.

It originated from a simple game a couple was playing with their children. I witnessed it while on vacation in Hawaii. I just finished having diner and walked out to the patio overlook to lean over the balcony and watch the ocean. Then I saw the weirdest thing. There were hundreds of glowing orbs floating up in the air. I could hear people and children laughing but couldn’t clearly see where they were on the beach. The orbs would float up and then vanish as more rose up from the ground, seemingly right from the sand.

I of course had to see what this was. So I grabbed my shoes and hurried to the beach. To my surprise I saw two children running back and forth from what I could only assume were their parents holding large glowing tennis rackets. Every time they reached a parent, they would dip their racket in a one of two buckets they were holding and then run to the other parent holding a similar bucket. All of them were covered in glowing blue, yellow, orange and green liquid and there were bubbles everywhere. So much more than I saw from my balcony. It was absolutely beautiful. All of these glowing colorful bubbles catching the gentle wind and making uniform patterns in the night sky…

Just breathtaking.

Seeing this event gave me the idea to actually create an illusion of this very experience. I myself would grab the bubbles out of the air and manipulate them over my hands and through my fingers, accompanied with an elegant dance routine to music.


“Magic is more than mystery. It is pure wonder.”




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