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Hey guys! Namaste. This week I wanted to briefly talk about one of my favorite daily routines that helps me get through the rigorous physical and mental stresses of Life. Yoga!

The majority of western culture looks upon yoga as just a bunch of wacky stretching poses and nothing much more than that. To the serious practitioners of this long and ancient discipline, yoga is a method of gaining cognitive control over the body and mind. Balancing the spiritual energy of ones self to expand and enlighten ones life.

It has been dated back to around the fifth century BCE from the developments inside the Sramana movements which can easily be discribed as the group of Indian religious beliefs which endeavored the exploration of being a human.

As in any wide and popular form of practices, there arise many ways and philosophies in which to persue these practices, by way of a school. And there are quite a few schools out there that teach yoga. I won’t name them all but the main ones are called Modern Wellness, Hinduism, Buddhism, Tantra, and Jainism.

So let’s get to the meat of this discipline. What exactly is it, you may still be asking yourself? Yoga in its basic explanation is a set of fixed body postures that are each held for an extended period of time. While the body is in each of these positions, ones breathing is also closely controlled. This is considered a very effective form of meditation and when done properly, can relax all anxiety, stress, and worry.

All this being said, Yoga can obviously be used as a daily routine to help one cope with life’s stresses. But it’s true purpose is more than that if you haven’t already realized it. It is a lifestyle. From personal experience, when you practice this lifestyle, everything becomes easier to accomplish. The stresses of life become dust that is easily swept away. If you have not tried Yoga, I would highly recommend looking into it.



“I reach out for my calm but only find it in my heart. I retract all my fears and find peace in my stillness.”




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