The Unstoppable Force Of Will

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Hey guys! In this blog post I am going to sit down and level the playing field with you. I want to talk about the notion of manifesting ones own destiny.

Destiny or fate in of itself, is very finite. It’s a preordained path that has already been laid out for you without your input or state of will. And that, can seem pretty harsh. To not be in control of how your life turns out. But all this is, is a concept. A simple form of perception. For example, If you believe that you will never become a firefighter, than you most likely never will. You are shaping your own destiny by simply giving up and giving in to failure.

Their is a very old aphorism that says, “a true master of anything has failed more times than any student has ever tried.”

When I was a precarious child I did not understand the concepts of failure and success. I believed, if you had the dream to become a rocket ship when you grew up, then you would become a rocket ship. And that was that. Yes, for a child this is cute. For an adult, this is for all intensive purposes to most, kind of silly. However, manifesting your own destiny, is a lot like this. It doesn’t matter that being a rocket ship is physically impossible. What matters is, your drive and determination to be one, is unstoppable. Who am I to say that becoming a rocket ship isn’t possible. I don’t know. I never tried. It might be the best thing in the world for someone.

What I do know is that my rocket ship dream, was to become a magician. Once I experienced what true magic was, I have never given up on becoming a master of it. I have never believed that I was not in control of my own future. I chose this destiny and I am currently living it with all my will.



There once was a boy who always slacked off, he thought to himself that he was no good. Then one day he decided to try and become something more than a tired guy. He picked up his pen, he picked up his looks and he started to write inside of a book. This book turned to three and then four pretty soon he was writing all over the store.

This kid was on fire and he was real bold he started to learn all about the untold. He was listening to the light and flying above the sky breaking ground in a space giving the world a trace of Grace. Then all of a sudden he stopped in place and realized he was looking into space.

The boy grew up and became a man, he was taking a stand for much more than his plan. His books were stories of good wizards, warlocks and Crnoods.

Magic lurks here as if it was everywhere. The boy is me, how could it be if I got my degree in Magicy! Stick to your path of the untold, keep on mastering the amazing and behold!



“When you become an unstoppable force, you simply avoid and dodge all the immovable objects.”





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