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Hey guys! I hope your wintery new year has been a magical one so far. This week I have been watching a lot of movies and was wondering if any of you out there might be serious movie fans as well as a fans of magic? This last week I watched the movie The Illusionist and got to wondering how many movies about magicians I have actually seen. When I started counting I was really amazed how many there actually were. Both new and old.

I noticed a lot of them used movie special effects throughout the years. Not that they are bad. They are quite awesome! But I am always flattered as a magician, as well as impressed with the actors that actually take the time and study under a professional magician to learn the actual illusions that they are tasked to perform in the fims they are staring in. For me it makes the character all the more intriguing and entertaining.

My favorite magician movies are as follows,

The Sorceror’s Aprentice (staring, Nicolas Cage & Jay Baruchel)

Magic in the Moonlight (staring, Collin Firth & Emma Stone)

All the Harry Potter Movies (staring, Danial Radcliffe & Emma Watson)

Lord of Illusions (staring, Scott Bakula & Famke Janssen)

The Illusionist (the live action staring, Edward Norton. As well as the animation, staring, Jean Claude Donda)

Now You See Me (staring, Mark Ruffalo & Jesse Eisenberg)

The Prestige (staring, Hugh Jackman & Christian Bale)

The Incredable Burt Wonderstone (staring, Steve Carell & Jim Carey)

Magicians (staring, David Mitchell & Robert Webb)

There are a bunch of others but these ones are my fav’s. Do you guys have any favorites? Leave a comment below and let me know what they are. Hope you have an amazing week!


“The movies allow for a second take or more. You don’t get second takes in life, so make your first take, the perfect take.”



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