There Isn’t A Monte In This Circle

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Hey guys! I hope your weekend was relaxing and this coming week to be the best week yet! Have any of you out there wondered about secret societies or members-only clubs that deal only with magicians and magic? There are many out there. One of the most famous ones that I would like to talk about is called The Magic Circle. This one being one of the most prestigious.


This exclusive organization has been around since 1905 and is based in the United Kingdom, London. Its members span in age from 18 years and up. Only being professional magicians, this closely guarded and highly praised membership is not easy to be invited into, and most difficult to even begin to acquire. There are years of sponcership and apprenticeships before a full membership is even a possibility, and when that comes around, you have extensive exams, judgments, performances, and interviews to get through. This doesn’t even include gaining membership into The Inner Circle.


However this is not the only part of The Magic Circle. There is also a less complicated and youth friendly, fully sponcered segment, that is called The Young Magicians Club that is for ages 10 though 18. This was created as part of the Youth Initiative and Young Magicians of the Year competition held by The Magic Circle. This club is looked after and taught by adult members to inspire and cultivate the learning of the art of magic to young hopefuls. As they get older and maintain their growth in the magicical arts, they are then ushered into The Magic Circle at a discount in fees and get to bypass a few prerequisites that other magicians not from the Young Magicians Club have to complete.


Its primary motivation for existing is to promote and advance the art of magic. And one of the most tightly held philosophies about The Magic Circle is their promise of loyalty to the organization and to all it’s members. This is simply reflected in there motto. “Indocilis Privata Loqui”, which pretty much means, no member will ever reveal any secrets about magic. This is their Cardinal rule. And if any member willfully breaks this rule to non genuine students of magic, they are expelled from the organization.


So you may be asking yourself, “What is the benefit of being apart of such an organization as this if it is so hard to get into?” Well, what you should be asking is, “What benefits don’t they have?” This is an exclusive group of highly skilled professionals of over 1500 members. All of their knoledge and experience is at each other’s disposal. Jobs, venues, competitions, and continual learning available and offered to all members. When your a member of The Magic Circle, you have access to knoledge that you can’t ever aquire from a book or local club. It is a life experience like no other.


“Being a master of one’s craft is only achieved by experiencing failure and never giving up.”





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