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Have you ever bought a booth at a Trade Show but didn’t feel you got the proper return on investment?

Trade shows are amazing, they are mini cities built in a few days then the whole city deconstructed in the same amount of time.  Companies spend hours of man power and thousands of dollars to build a booth, store the booth and market to their clients.  I have attended and performed at thousands of trade shows and absolutely love the interaction.  Its a chance to meet some amazing people, get to know new technologies, company’s, people and so much more! I do love the food!


I sometimes observe people on the trade show floor and watch what they do.  There is so much to look at and over stimulation of the senses that people often get lost…  They wander and just go everywhere. My goal is to bring new people and potential clients to booths.  I stop interact with the and make them smile using my magic.  Once that happens they often ask me what I am doing here and that’s when I get the opportunity to nicely funnel them directly into the booth to see more about our company. This is the process IDENTIFY – ENGAGE – ENTERTAIN – FUNNEL – CLOSE SALE 


IDENTITY – There are so many people at a Trade Show who do we talk to? You can’t possibly talk to everyone right?  Identifying the specific client, customer is important and knowing who to target makes a huge difference.  We focus on people who are your target audience and who can be potential customers.  Knowledge is power so it important to understand the type of product, and what kind of client uses the product.

ENGAGE– This is the fun part.  We #MAKEPEOPLESMILE by using our magic.  There are many ways to make someone smile but the most effective and direct is doing a piece of magic that will be memorable.  We can custom tailor the magic to your product.

ENTERTAIN – Since we have been in the entertainment business for over 20 years, we understand entertainment! There are many ways to create fun,excitement, and a memorable experience but the best way is to plan it out and work with an experienced team.

FUNNEL– After you make someone smile and happen that’s an open door to teach them something new and show them a product or service they might have never heard of.  Its a soft way to approaching a sale.

CLOSE SALE– This is obviously important to your bottom line.  Happy to help increase your ROI and bring some magic to your next big event.

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