Transporting Out Of The Shell

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Hey guys! Was your weekend one of adventure and mysteries discovered? Have you seen any wondrous magic from performers like me? Well, if you haven’t why not venture out to see a magic show? I myself caught a street performance just last week while walking down old Vegas on Fremont Street. The man teleported himself from one large cardboard box, into a clear plastic box 10 feet apart! This got me thinking about the many ways magicians use teleportation in the magic world.

Since the late 1400’s magicians have been teleporting objects and themselves from one spot to another. A few more resent acts like Siegfried and Roy, they did it in France at Lido de Paris in 1968. Copperfield did it at the Great Wall of China in 1986. Chris Angel did it on a beach in Mexico in 2007, and I did it on America’s Got Talent Season 6 in 2011. But these are just main stage magic feats of wonder that happened on TV. There are literally hundreds of close up teleportation tricks and illusions out there being invented and explored by thousands of magicians each and every year. I am still being amazed by the creativity and imagination of today’s innovative illusionists.

If you are ever in Las Vegas come on down to Fremont Street and the strip. You will see some really amazing magic. And who knows, you might just see me there.


“Teleport yourself into a REAL adventure. It is a lot better than watching others do it on TV.”




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