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Hey guys! The holidays are in full swing and the festivities are non stop in the city of Las Vegas. For this blog post I wanted to briefly talk about the general history of a very special kind of past time that I have been involved with on a professional level for years. It is the all enthralling world of the Freak Show.
Back in the 1500’s, the United Kingdom birthed a fad of exhibiting the uncommon rarities of the human body in the form of entertainment. Promoters would visit infirmaries, asylums, and secluded communities in search of deformed individuals, people that where uncommonly tall or short, suffered from physically altering ailments and diseases, and anyone that could perform feats of uncommon physical human body limitations. They would gather into small companies and tour through all the cities to showcase these individuals like famous stars. These shows actually drew in thousands of people every month wherever they went.
This lasted on a gradual rise in popularity until the mid 1800’s when the coined term, Freak Show, became a lucrative enterprising business. This is also where the individuals in the companies started to become fictional. It was assumed by the business owners that the natural abnormalities of the human body were starting to became passé. So they started inventing impossible human conditions to draw in more crowds and money. Having people dress as half animal, half human, and even uncommon animals in the states were surgically altered and portrayed as fictional beasts from mythology.
After about 1890, the traveling Freak Show companies were beginning to be labeled as distasteful and overly vulgar. As science progressed in explaining the abnormalities in human deformity, the individuals on display for entertainment became objects of pity and sympathy, rather than the titans of mystery and fear for the public to be amazed at. Near the beginning of the 1900’s most traveling Freak Shows were disbanded and nationally shunned for inhumane practices. There were even laws passed that forbade the exhibition of any physically deformed human to the public, that was not for explicit purposes of scientific education.
Nowadays these shows are for the most part, non existent. Now, the term Freak Show, only entails individuals that perform amazing physical feats and endurances. To have anyone displaying a physical deformity as entertainment is considered a human rights violation.
That being the case, there are a few originally themed Freak Shows still in circulation thought out the world. These small companies however, spotlight the scientific awareness of human deformity. Not as a form of entertainment, but as an educational tool of social acceptance and medical exploration. And the people are not on display as a promoter barks their ailments. These people suffering from these conditions are the owners and educators. These teachers are also doctors, geneticists, and biologists; to name just a few of their professions.
“No one is more important than any other. We are all unique and precious. Therefore we must cherish together.”

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