UNLV Benefit for the Performing Arts Center

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Hey guys! This week I wanted to talk about my alma mater, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The reason for this is because I will be performing a benefit on behalf of the performing arts center in October of this year. I deeply believe in giving back to my community and help to support it in any way I am able. Doing this benefit is just one step in that endeavor. My goal is to get others to join me and increase my community’s support to aid in its growth.

To me, education is everything. Having high quality education on every level of a child’s path into adulthood prepares them to become happy and successful in their own lives, as well as to contribute to their own community’s happiness and well being. But once that time arises when they must make that decision to jump into the work force, many questions arise. How good was their education? Was their school well funded? Were they exposed to a vast pool of seemingly endless knowledge? Were they taught how to learn and listen? Were they taught how to think for themselves and solve problems on their own? Do they know how to take direction and work with others in a team environment? I would not be here today, doing what I do every single day, if I had not been taught these paramount qualities in school. But this really is only one half of schooling. It was the community experience while in school, that rounded everything out. Practicing what I had learned in the classroom, at the same time as in the real world.

Established in 1957, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas is categorized as a research intensive university. It houses not only the strongest school programs of hospitality, business management, science and technology. It is home to the only dental school and the only law school in the state of Nevada.

Currently, UNLV undertakes 31,000 students a year. It has 17 different sports teams, 5 libraries, 6 athletics facilities, 220 programs of study, and over 250 student organizations.

The Judy Bayley Theater, where I will be performing on October 17th, opened in 1972. It is a fully rigged proscenium stage that has an auditorium that can seat 575 people. This was the first building of the performing arts center. This place, in many ways, is a doorway to a world of exploration. Music, culture, creative expression, political awareness, and the bringing together of a community under one roof; for countless events to expand our minds and hearts. It is where dreams are made into reality.

If you are in Las Vegas on October 17th, or are a local Las Vegan, I invite you to an evening of wonder and entertainment. Not only for your benefit, but for the benefit of our wonderful Las Vegas community.


“Go Rebels!”

The magic show is on October 17th at 7pm at the Judy Bayley Theater.

For more information and tickets, follow this link:

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