Use a CRM to Help You Stay on Top of Your Business

Seth Grabel#Marketing, #Motivation

I have been looking for a CRM forever! What is your favorite CRM and why?

I stumbled upon nimble and its really helping me! Staying in touch with people is easier than ever! Write a comment below so we can stay in touch and connect! I love hearing from you.

Earlier this year, I wrote about finally finding a CRM that works for me that I enjoy using.  I think that every business person should have the right tools that allow you to optimize your business opportunities and nurture relationships with your prospective and current clients.

The key to sales (and success in general) is following up with the right people at the right time. We are only human; as we scale our businesses, it’s critical to use technology to stay on top of these things for us.

I think the smartest social CRM on the market (also my CRM of choice), is Nimble.  It just released a user-friendly dashboard that provides an overview of everything you need not only to stay on top of your appointments, but to enter each meeting with a holistic understanding of the key players involved. I’ll never be blindsided by a meeting again.

I love the dashboard feature! I can completely customize it to suit my needs, yippee!!  I can select if I want to see my deals and sales opportunities, calendar events, tasks, to-do’s, and other fun stuff.

What is your favorite keep in touch CRM or social media platform? Leave me a note and stay connected my friends!


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