Valentinious Says Hello

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Happy belated Valentine’s Day everybody!!! Was it a day of fun, excitement, flowers, and chocolate? Or was it a lavish day of tv show marathons and warm deep dish pizza?
According to folklore, tradition, and liturgical history throughout the world, as far as we know today, the holiday of Valentine’s Day originated not long after 273 AD. It was a religious based celebration that idolized the martyred Saint Valentinious of Terni. There are many different stories that have been created and told through the centuries. However, it really did not becomes associated with love and romance until the great literary author Geoffrey Chaucer wrote the Parliament of Fowls poem back in the 14th century. Even then, it was not widely celebrated as a holiday until the 18th century.
So how one popular story goes of this ecclesiastical hero, is that Valentinious was arrested in Rome and put in jail. The reason being was, for ministering the “word of God” to the persecuted Christians under the Roman Empire, and performing marriage ceremonies for solders, whom were forbidden to be married by the way. So while he was imprisoned, he supposedly healed (he referred to “God” as the true healer) the daughter of the main jailer from her blindness. Before he was executed, it was said that he wrote a goodbye letter to her that said, “Your Valentine.”
So may your week be filled with joy, love, and hopefully no chance of making you a martyr. ‘wink’
“A rose by any other name, that smells as sweet, is still a rose on your pillow to a lullaby of sleep.”


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