Traveling magician brings happy smiles to Vietnam – “Vietnam Magic”

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Traveling magician brings happy smiles to Vietnam – “Vietnam Magic”

I have traveled the world and learned so much from people in other places. One thing they everyone can appreachiate is magic. Magic is a universal language of excitement and mystery. As humans we like to understand things and know how something works. When I perform magic for people they get a shot of dopamine similar to the release of sex or drugs.

Traveling all over Asia has given me some amazing opportunities to perform my magic and go to places my friends have never seen. I hope to share my experiences with you and bring my magical life.

Act 1 showcases my time in Vietnam with my wife Tammy. I performed street magic and really got to engage with the people. Vietnamese people are curious, excitable and truly wonderful to entertain. They are sometimes reserved when they watch my magic which I think might be a cultural tradition to not show excitement, but then again sometimes they couldn’t help themselves. We toured all around Vietnam, enjoyed the people their food and hospitality.

Tell me about your travel experience. Have you ever performed or met a performer in your daily life? How did it make you feel?



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