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CQ, CQ, CQ-WW, Happy holidays! Seth Grabel here. Are all of you bundling up this winter and enjoying the coziness? For this broadcast post I wanted to briefly talk about the versatile and wondrous invention of the radio. 

Between 1877 and 1888, Hienrich R. Hertz was able to reproduce the transportation of radio waves from two separate unconnected points of contact a little over 4 football fields apart. By using James C. Maxwell’s theory of electromagnetism which was published in 1864, Hienrich was the first to successfully demonstrate this theory in practice.


To most people, this discovery was next to impossible and reached into the realm of magic.


It wasn’t until 1892 when Nicola Tesla presented a design for the first radio to the public following several patents. It did not reach the mass audience he had hoped it would. Even up to this day, many still believe it was Guglielmo Marconi who was the first to invent the radio design. He was not. All of his patents were finally proven false in 1943 proving that Tesla was the true father of radio among many other things.


Imagin if you will, the entire “modern” family listening to the radio at supper time, or just afterwards huddling around it to listen to a radio brood cast drama. Much like a lot of families do this day, around the television.


For those of you not familiar on the scientific properties of how a radio works, a radio is a wireless receiver, or in some cases, a transceiver, that transmits and receives the radiation of electromagnetic energy. It travels through the air in the form of high vibrational frequencies. Depending on how powerful your broadcast strength is, and how clear the atmosphere above us is, you can reach broadcast distances all the way over to the other side of the world without the aid of satellites (which we rely on now).


The radio has been a staple in modern society ever since the early 1900’s. From sending morse code messages during times of war, radio broadcast programs into residential homes, and finally telephone / cell signal transmissions. Letting us talk to loved ones across the country/world and even letting us play video games. You know about WIFI right? It stands for wireless fidelity, and yes, if it wasn’t for the invention of the radio, it would not exist.


 Radio is now a foundation in our society for communication and information. Without it, do you think we would be lost?


This is Seth Grabel signing off and wishing you a very wonderful week filled with magic and mystery.


“I follow that beacon into the unknown.”


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