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Hey guys! How has Las Vegas been? I only ask because I am currently in Maui performing at the Maui Theater in Lahaina. If you happen to be in the neighborhood stop on by for some off the wall fun! For this post I just wanted to talk shortly about a topic that came up recently at a show. An audience member named Mike, came up to me this last week and asked me a really good question. He asked, “Do you believe in real magic?”
Well to me, real magic is not illusion alone. The illusion is only one small portion of a much larger picture. Yes, there are the mechanics, the skill, the misdirection, and the pageantry. The magician, those masters of mysticism, have the audience in the thralls of impossibility. They all watch and most have not ever before seen the girth of power flaunted by a mere mortal in person. But real magic, it’s raw untainted presentation and feeling, is pure. It is what touches the mind in the most delicate and subtle ways. It is, for all intensive purposes, the sparks and embers of creation. It stimulates the potential that “humans” have inside themselves to move mountains. To inspire legions of others to exert their own skill and “personal magic” into making our world a better place. A brighter and more fascinating future for our children and each other to experience.
A world of wonder and possibility.
Arthur C. Clark said, “Magic’s just science that we don’t understand yet.”
Well Mr. Clark, I would say that science is just magic with fancy math. Anyway, in the end, you decide what kind of magic you let into your life and how you choose to let it effect you. Be it nature in your back yard, the prestidigitation of an entertainer, the newest invention out on the market, or the questions you strive to answer in every day life. Magic is everywhere.
“I never saw a smile that wasn’t contagious. For that to me, is a miracle.”
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