Who is the world’s greatest show man??

Seth Grabel#Magic Life

When I was on America’s Got Talent Peirce Morgan tried to put me down and called me more of a “show man” than a magician. I though to myself, thank you that’s exactly what I want to be! There are so many avenues, disciples and artistic creative endevors a showman can do but a magician can be limited. So it is my goal to emmerce myself into being creative. I love everything from art,characters,acrobatics ventquilism, to singing, dancing, magic illusions and so much more. I love LIFE!!!Why just focus on one discipline? Should I put myself in a Box and be just 1 thing? I think not. You see I enjoy to entertain, I enjoy to make people laugh,smile,wonder,cry,feel energized and motivated. It gives me great thrills and chills to see my audience being uplifted To a point where they have no idea where they’ve been or where they’ve just arrived. You see I take my audience, the guests that come to my show on a journey a rollercoaster ride of fun mystery thought provoking fantasy. I’m telling you all this from the inside of my head realizing that I just want to bring the most fun to those who need to smile. I performed today at Tahiti Village, there were so many different types of people in the audience and they all had one thing in common, they were there to have a good time. It doesn’t matter what I do or how I do it, as long as smile when they leave the theater. When I was younger my grandfather taught me one thing that will always stick with me. He taught me to leave people better more motivated and happier than when you first meet them. So I make it my goal to live up to my grandfather’s wishes. Whenever I meet someone no matter who it is, I try to add value and make them a better person for knowing me.

Like my grandfather, PT Barnum inspired me. He was around during a time when things were very new in life. It was different and thr same. People were the same they wanted similar things they wanted an escape just like they want one now. Whenever I do a show I give my audience an escape. I give them fun and something to think about. Smiles, laughs and moments to share the magic. PT Barnum was a genius one of a kind person he would not give up. Even when his museum was burnt down he just kept on going. PT Barnum brought all kinds of interestin people things and wonders to the world. That’s what I do, I bring wonder to the world and if you wonder how I bring the wonder, why come and get some wonder. I’ll show you the wonder just ask me Seth gotwonder?

I’m signing off for now and letting you know that this will be an on going thing. I will post my thoughts here as long as you read them. Take one minute to comment and let me know your thoughts I love to hear from you and who knows maybe one day I will be able to make your day a little happier and more enriched. Until speak again next week Sunday night recap of the week and focus on the new week of successes.

It was her birthday and she has the coolest light up red shoes ever!!Thanks for joining us on your Bday.

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