Who is Your favorite person?

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My Grandfather taught me compassion, care and Listening! When is the last time you really listened to someone and cared about them?  Please leave it in the comments below so I can connect with you and listen to you.

Who is your absolute favorite person? Growing up I connected with my grandpa Lou. He taught me some really great things that I use to this day. Unfortunately I really didn’t get much time with him because he died when I was 10 years old. Grandpa called me “Sethy boy, a gentleman and a scholar.” He taught me how to listen and be kind to people. When I was a little boy, he used to comb my hair with a fine tooth comb and make amazing pancakes for breakfast. His secret ingredient was selzer water which made the delicious pancakes rise to perfection. I can still remember waking up to the sizzling smell of bacon, eggs and grandpas famous pancakes. YuM!! My grandfather really influenced me and I didn’t even know it till now.

Everyone loved Lou because he was so kind and caring. I remember he taught me compassion and patients. He tried to teach me patients by teaching me how to make an origami crane. Every year he would bring out paper and we would fold,crease and make that origami crane. I didn’t really put my energy into it and I just went through the motions, not really caring… Now I wish I had loved to learn and really focused on it because I would be able to teach my kids how to make the oragimi crane. It’s very important to be a student of life and love to learn. I learned this later in life and now I engulf myself in the subject I want to know about.

My grandfather filmed everything! I mean everything! He never edited the footage but he filmed. I noticed that without trying I did the same thing. I have hours,days and years of old footage. I documented pretty much my whole life. Everything from mini DV’s to hi8 videos documenting my life. I once though it would be cool to document everything so before there were go pros, I made a head cam which was a crazy Helmut and I attached a large camera to it. The head cam was too heavy and never really worked. I miss my grandpa Lou so much and now I am channeling his energy to bring about new focus and success in my life. I wish I could have introduced him to my amazing wife Tammy,baby Grace and new baby brother.


Grandpa Lou I miss you and love you very much. Thank you for all the love and care you gave me. You are remembered.


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