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Italy will host the World Championship of Magic in 2015

The FISM is the International Federation of Magic Societies. Founded in 1948, currently comprises about 80 Magic circles and the National Federation of circles, for a total of 50,000 registered Magicians and Illusionists from all over the world.

The World Championship of Magic exists for real, it is held every three years  and is organized – with the aid of FISM (Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques) and with the cooperation of the most important Magical Association of the hosting nation or with a bunch of Magic and Illusionist Associations.

This federation was not founded in 1200 as some has reported or inaccurately assumed, but in 1948, and among its main purposes; aims to regulate relations between the various magic clubs and establish rules of the competition in order to announce the new world champion.

The first FISM Congress in history, in 1948, was attended by 250 Magicians. Since then, The World Championship of Magic (FISM) has grown and changed, becoming one of the most prestigious associations in the World of Magic.

Nowadays FISM includes more than 90 different clubs, representing 46 nations and more than 50.000 magicians. Today around 3,000 Illusionists from all over the planet take part in The Magic World Championship.

Since being founded in 1948, FISM Congress have organized 25 times, each time in a different Country: the Netherlands (5 times: AMSTERDAM – 1949, 1955 and 1970 ““ and the HAGUE 1988 and 2003), Switzerland (4 times: GENEVA – 1952 , LAUSANNE 1948 , 1982 and 1991 -) , Spain ( 3 times: BARCELONA – 1950 and 1964 – and MADRID 1985) , France (twice: PARIS – 1951 and 1973), Germany (twice: BADEN – BADEN 1967 and DRESDEN 1997), Belgium (twice: BRUSSELS 1979 and LIEGE 1961), Austria (twice: VIENNA -1958 and 1976), Portugal (once: LISBON 2000) , Sweden (once: STOCKHOLM 2006) , Japan (once: YOKOHAMA 1994), China (once: BEIJING 2009) and England (once: BLACKPOOL 2012).

The World’s Best artists in the World of Magic have gathered 25 times to elect their winner and all the greatest could not resist to its strong call (competing in the contest, giving lectures, performing at a gala or simply taking part as spectators): David Copperfield, Dai Vernon, Okito , Slydini , Chefalo , David Williamson , Fred Kaps , Silvan , Jean Valton , Max Maven , Lance Burton , Paul Daniels, Arturo Brachetti , Siegfried & Roy, Derren Brown, Cyril … in short, all the most important Magicians of the world have been involved in this event.

There are nations that have stood out more than others, although it is difficult to say which one is the strongest in the field of Magic, we can find interesting causes for reflection:

“¢ Holland has the greatest tradition (they won 9 Grand Prix, while France is second in the list after 5 victories ; Russia – which began competing only in 1979 – won 3 times the Grand Prix and propose itself as a world power in Illusionism).

“¢ France and Holland have most constant artists in their Country, since in recent years they presented several champions in the different categories (France: 23, the Netherlands: 20). Germany follows right behind with 19 winners. The Netherlands deserve a special mention, after dominating the world scene in the 50s and 60s, over the last 40 years they won only three 1st prizes (Sylvia Diana in 1982, Sittah in 2006 and a Prince of Illusions in 2012), but in the last thirty years the Netherlands have been able to award 4 GRAND PRIX.

“¢ Americans have contributed to FISM prestige with 4 Grand Prix winners (in 1982 with LANCE BURTON, with JOHNNY ACE PALMER in 1988, with JASON LATIMER in 2003 and RICK MERRILL in 2006) and have had many big names that have won many awards. With an enormous potential, USA stand among the greatest Magic and Illusionist leader Countries of the world.

“¢ Excellent results have also given by Spanish school (with 1 Grand Prix win in 1985, 12 first places and a school of Card Magic, a great reference for artists as Bernat in 1952, Arturo de Ascanio in 1970, Tamariz in 1973 , José Carroll nell’1988 and Mago Miguel in 2003), by English school too (they have won 10 first prizes and – with Willane – the first Grand Prix of history in 1948 and, 3 years later, another Grand Prix in Buckingham) and by Swiss school (FISM was actually born in Switzerland in 1948 and, although none Swiss magician ever won a Grand Prix, this Country has risen 13 times on the roof of the world in various categories and in almost every FISM edition there is at least one Swiss artist awarded).

“¢ Korea and China have appeared only in the new millennium – in particular Korea , who won his first award in 2003 (Lee Eun- Gyeol, 2nd in manipulation), is becoming a solid reality in the world of magic and during the last FISM in Blackpool 2012, they won 6 awards including all the manipulation ones (Yu Ho Jin 1st place, Lukas 2nd,and Kim Hyun Joon 3rd).

“¢ Italy, until now, has always had a decorous place in the world of Magic: one Grand Prix won by Moroso in 1952 and 15 awards – including 2 wins ( Katawu 1973 and Paviato1982 ).

It is just a little bit anomalous noticing the complete lack of countries that were raised in Ancient and Magical Traditions such as Africa and the Middle East.

FISM has been radically restructured in the last decade: there are now 6 Continental Divisions (FISM Asia, FISM Africa, FISM Europe , FISM Latin America, FISM North America, and FISM Oceania) and a Supervisory Body and Executive Council – FISM EXECUTIVE BOARD (FEB ) in order to deal with the new challenges of the twenty-first century skills and to let Magic becoming protagonist of third millennium.

Every 3 years the FISM organizes the World Championship of Magic in a different country.

In 2012 the World Cup was held in Britain and will be held in Italy in 2015.

Thanks to the efforts of many people, Italy won the honor to host the FISM World Championship of Magic in 2015!

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