You get a TRICK this Halloween!

You get a TRICK this Halloween!

Halloween is the best holiday ever!

Halloween is my favorite holiday. when I was younger, I have memories of performing tricks around the neighborhood with my friends. I once even set up a magic stage show for the neighborhood. It was all fun and games, we were good kids being kids. I created this fun trick prank to freak out the neighborhood kids. Kids would grab candy and I would grab their hands. It freaked a lot of kids out! Check out the video below it was lots of fun…. trick treat? I choose trick!


There are all kinds of tricks out there but one of my very favorite tricks is the roach trick. It is super fun and gives the best reactions. It really freaks people out and it is easy to do. Basically, the audience member has no idea that there’s this fake roach underneath their hand and as soon as they see it, they flip out. Below is a video of me freaking a few people. Leave me a comment if you want me to teach you how to do it. I just may teach you in the next blog.

Every Halloween is another chance to dress up and be a different character. One of my very favorite characters was the pick pocketing pirate where I was a pirate in Beachers Madhouse at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, and I would pickpocket people. That was one of my very first shows that I ever did in Las Vegas. Check out the pictures below they bring back fun memories of the past.

What are you doing this Halloween? What will you dress up as? I would love to hear from you and want to know all about what is going on in your world……



Will you be trick or treating? Will you be going to a Spooky Halloween party? Halloween is such a fun time for everyone. Below is my graph that I feel depicts the best part of Halloween.  Let me know if you think I am correct or would change this fun meter.  This Halloween is very special!


Happy Halloween be safe and Make Magic


Seth Grabel

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